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The National Assessment Governing Board is an independent, bipartisan organization that oversees the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), also known as The Nation’s Report Card.
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As leaders at all levels make important decisions on education policy and funding, easy access to useful data about student achievement by nation, state, and urban district is important. The Governing Board, whose membership consists of local and state policymakers, provides direct links to results and resources for The Nation’s Report Card.

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The Governing Board created an Ad Hoc Committee on NAEP Parent Engagement, whose recommendations include strategies to increase parent awareness about the urgency to improve student achievement and reduce achievement gaps by race, ethnicity and income levels. We also offer parents a host of information and resources about The Nation’s Report Card and student performance.

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Teachers, principals, researchers and others can explore the many facets of The Nation’s Report Card, which informs us how our students are performing at the national, state, and district level. NAEP results, test questions, frameworks, and instructional factors can be accessed and used. You can even test yourself and your students in important subjects that NAEP covers.

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The economy and the workforce are intricately linked to education quality and job skills training. Recognizing the link, the Governing Board developed a new Business Policy Task Force, which provides input to the Board in shaping policy for NAEP and in expanding outreach to the business community. Discover other resources and programs relevant to industry leaders.

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The Nation’s Report Card is the country’s largest nationally representative assessment, whose results in key subject areas have extensively been covered in print, broadcast and online outlets. NAEP provides not only results from reports but also opportunities for journalists to explore data and background variables to analyze student performance in variety of ways.

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  • Students Rave About Taking TEL

    Watch an engaging video of a group of 8th graders from Detroit's University Prep Science & Math Middle School describing their experiences taking one of the interactive tasks from NAEP's innovative Technology and Engineering Literacy assessment.

  • Register for Events and Webcast for NAEP Technology and Engineering Literacy Report Card

    Watch the Webcast of Our Release Event for NAEP Technology and Engineering Literacy

    Check out our release page for the first-ever Technology and Engineering Literacy assessment to watch the webcast of our May 17 expert panels at the Michigan Science Center, featuring Detroit 8th graders discussing their experiencing taking a report task. You can also find the press release and links to the report site, videos, scenario-based tasks and other resources.

  • Technology and Engineering in Our World

    Technology and Engineering in Our World

    Watch former Governing Board member Alan Friedman discuss NAEP's new Technology and Engineering Literacy assessment, its significance in the education and testing landscape, and how it relates to many facets of our modern world. 

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    Extra! Extra!

    Summer doesn't slow down the Governing Board. Read our current newsletter for news, events, and resources. Also check out a piece from Chair Terry Mazany on the Board's Chicago meeting strategic vison development and a Q&A with member Tonya Matthews on the importance of STEM, in light of the recent release of The Nations' Report Card: Technology and Engineering Literacy [italicize] and the upcoming NAEP assessment of science. 

  • The Nation's Report Card: 2015 Mathematics and Reading at Grade 12 | April 27, 2016 at noon ET

    Grade 12 and Academic Preparedness Results

    View the release page of The Nation's Report Card: Reading and Mathematics, Grade 12, which includes a press release and links to other resources. Check back for an archive of the April 27 webinar.

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