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Board Staff

William Bushaw
As executive director, Dr. Bushaw is responsible for the execution of policies and projects initiated by the Board regarding NAEP and also serves as its chief of staff. Prior to joining the Board in 2015, Dr. Bushaw served as chief executive officer of PDK International (PDK), a leading family of education associations that includes Phi Delta Kappa International, a professional association of educators; Pi Lambda Theta, a collegiate honor society in education; the Future Educators Association, a precollegiate association of high school students interested in becoming educators; and the PDK Educational Foundation, a nonprofit charitable organization with endowed scholarships for future and current educators. He also served as one of the co-authors of the highly regarded annual PDK/Gallup Poll of the Public's Attitudes Toward the Public Schools. Prior to PDK, Dr. Bushaw held numerous education leadership positions, including learning systems director for the University of Michigan's Merit Network Inc., deputy superintendent and chief academic officer for the Michigan Department of Education, state director of the Michigan North Central Association, high school principal, and elementary and middle school teacher. Dr. Bushaw also served in the United States Navy, active and reserve, retiring at the rank of captain.

Mary Crovo
Ms. Crovo advises the Executive Director and serves as chief technical expert on all matters related to the design and conduct of the NAEP. She plans and coordinates the work of the technical staff to ensure consistency among Governing Board policies, guidelines, standards, and procedures. She also advises the Executive Director on the development of NAEP frameworks, specifications, and test items. Prior to joining the Governing Board in 1989, Ms. Crovo was chief of research and evaluation for the Maryland State Department of Education. She provides staff support for the Board's Assessment Development and Nominations Committees.

Michelle Blair
A former middle-school teacher and school district administrator, Ms. Blair joined the Governing Board in 2007. She provides research support, data analysis, and other technical assistance to Board program staff. Ms. Blair also provides staff support for the Board's three standing committees. Her prior experience includes teaching in Broward County, Florida and serving New York City's public schools by working on special initiatives for the Chancellor's office and helping to lead several youth development projects.

Lily Clark
Ms. Clark serves as the Assistant Director for Policy and Research, which entails, among other responsibilities, serving the Governing Board’s Executive Committee and being a staff liaison to the Hill. Ms. Clark has worked on education policy issues for many years, most recently as Senior Policy Advisor in the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Planning, Evaluation, and Policy Development. She also has policy-related experiences working with the Senate HELP Committee in the office of then- Chairman Ted Kennedy, and with the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices. Prior to her time at the U.S. Education Department, she worked at the American Institutes for Research.

Dora Drumgold-Barnett
Ms. Drumgold-Barnett provides administrative support to the Governing Board and staff as an office manager.  Her varied duties include establishment and maintenance of payroll, Board records, correspondence, publications, and staff files.  She has primary responsibility for implementing the solicitation procedures of the nominations process for new Board members; reconciling financial records as a contracting officer; and arranging travel needs for the Executive Director and Deputy Executive Director.  Ms. Drumgold-Barnett also serves as liaison for the Combined Federal Campaign.

Stephaan Harris
A former journalist for several newspapers including USA Today, Mr. Harris serves as the Board's advisor on external communications issues. He advises the Executive Director and Deputy Executive Director on matters related to NAEP public releases, as well as outreach communications about NAEP and the Board with various constituencies, including journalists, policymakers, associations, educators, and the general public. He previously was senior media coordinator for the Economic Policy Institute. Mr. Harris provides staff support for the Board's Reporting and Dissemination Committee.

Laura LoGerfo
Before joining the Governing Board in 2014, Laura LoGerfo directed and led nationally representative studies for the U.S. Department of Education, including the National High School Reform Study and the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) High School Longitudinal Study of 2009, a nationally representative, longitudinal study of 9th graders, which follows students through secondary school and their post-secondary years. Before her work at NCES, Dr. LoGerfo worked at the Urban Institute, a non-profit, non-partisan research organization, where she was a research associate in the Education Policy Center and frequently analyzed NCES datasets. Her research has been published in Educational and Psychological Measurement, Sociology of Education, The Elementary School Journal, Education Next, and Educational Policy.

Munira Mwalimu
Ms. Mwalimu serves as the Governing Board's Executive Officer. In this capacity, she executes contracts for the Governing Board, manages the Board's budget submission and execution, and provides oversight of the Board's administrative operations. In addition, she manages the personnel and administrative actions of Board members and staff. Ms. Mwalimu also serves as the Board's Principal Liaison Officer for the Office of Committee Management, and is an Information Technology Coordinator at the Department of Education. Ms. Mwalimu is the principal staff person responsible for the execution of the Board's quarterly meeting agenda and is the contact person for Federal Register notices. Ms. Mwalimu previously served as Senior Project Director for Aspen Systems Corporation and managed contracts with the U.S. Department of Justice, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Social Security Administration, and U.S. Department of Education. She also taught law at the University of Zambia.

Tessa Regis
Ms. Regis serves as the Governing Board's principal staff on matters related to financial management of program funds. Ms. Regis' major responsibilities include assisting in the development of the Board's fiscal year budgets; formulating and adjusting the annual operational plans based on financial allotments; tracking and monitoring Board expenditures; reconciling financial records and providing regular reports; monitoring contract delivery orders and payment files for Board contracts and purchases; processing and tracking invoice payments received from vendors; and serving as liaison for the Governing Board between the Education Department's Budget and Finance Divisions. Ms. Regis also provides administrative and technical support.

Sharyn Rosenberg
Sharyn Rosenberg joined the Governing Board in 2013 with an extensive background in education and psychometrics, as well as NAEP. Her work experiences include Horizon Research, where she conducted complex data analyses and provided psychometric expertise for projects, and the American Institutes for Research (AIR), where she provided research and psychometric support for NAEP. At AIR, Dr. Rosenberg most recently served as the Project Director for the NAEP research and technical support team where she managed and conceptualized NAEP research studies, as well as responded to technical requests from the National Center for Education Statistics' Assessment Division. The focus of her graduate work at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she also earned a Certificate in Survey Methodology from the Odum Institute, was on measurement and quantitative methods. In 2011, Dr. Rosenberg co-authored with former Board member Gregory Cizek a chapter entitled, "Psychometric Methods and High Stakes Assessment: Contexts and Methods for Promoting Ethics in Testing," which appears in the Handbook of Ethics in Quantitative Methodology.

Angela Scott
Ms. Scott coordinates logistics and travel for the Governing Board, playing a major role in overseeing numerous details of projects and materials related to the Board's quarterly meetings. Prior to becoming a staff member, Ms. Scott had actually performed many of these duties for the Board for more than ten years as a contractor for both Lockheed Martin and previously Aspen Systems, acquired by Lockheed in 2004. For these two companies, Ms. Scott served numerous roles managing multiple federal government contracts, with responsibilities that entailed executing program needs, undertaking financial management, coordinating conference support, and negotiating contracts with hotels and vendors. Other clients included Educational Testing Service and ACT. Ms. Scott also previously directed sales and marketing in the hotel industry.

Anthony White
Mr. White is a Contract Specialist with the Governing Board. He provides contract administration services in multiple areas of the Governing Board's work. This involves collaborating with program staff to plan the procurement of products and services, negotiating with vendors, and soliciting and administering contracts for the Governing Board. Previously, Mr. White served as Contract Specialist for the General Services Administration. He has served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in West Africa.


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