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Susan Pimentel

Susan Pimentel is an education analyst and standards and curriculum specialist with established credentials in building consensus among diverse constituents. For nearly three decades, Dr. Pimentel has focused on helping communities, districts, and states work together to advance enduring education reform and champion proven tools for increasing academic rigor, including standards setting, curriculum building, assessment alignment, and teacher development and evaluation systems. Dr. Pimentel is a member of the National Assessment Governing Board, serving on its assessment development and nominations committees, and will become the Board's vice chair October 2012. Since 2001, Dr. Pimentel has served as senior policy consultant to the American Diploma Project (ADP), which was designed to close the gap between high school demands and postsecondary expectations. The ADP Network has grown to serve 33 states that are responsible for educating almost 80 percent of our nation’s public high school students.