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Inside NAEP

An enormous amount of work and research goes on behind the scenes to maintain the high quality and standards of NAEP. To get an in-depth look at many aspects of the country's only national assessment of student achievement, the Governing Board hosts an ongoing series called "Inside NAEP" made specifically for a general audience seeking to learn more about The Nation's Report Card.

Each link below contains a PowerPoint presentation on a specific aspect of the inner-workings of NAEP, including development of the test questions and the frameworks for each subject-area assessment. The presentations feature not only color and graphic slides but also accompanying text that further explains what you see.

Check back periodically for new installments of the "Inside NAEP" series, which is an on-going part of the Governing Board's quarterly meetings.

Cover for Developing NAEP Frameworks: A Look Inside the Process
Developing NAEP Frameworks: A Look Inside the Process (November 2007)
Mary Crovo
Deputy Executive Director
National Assessment Governing Board
HTML | PDF | PowerPoint
Cover for Developing NAEP Test Questions
Developing NAEP Test Questions (November 2007)
Peggy G. Carr
Associate Commissioner
National Center for Education Statistics
HTML | PDF | PowerPoint
Introduction to Validity
Introduction to Validity (August 2007)
Gregory Cizek
HTML | PDF | PowerPoint

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